I'm a software engineer with years of experience in web, real-time, and high performance cloud computing industries. I have worked on PCI compliant payments gateways  scaled out backend infrastructures for highly concurrent mobile virtual network operator with millions of active users, designed, architected and implemented from the ground up sophisticated business rules engine using Akka, Scala and the actor model, capable of making artificially intelligent business decisions.

Currently I am involved in leading initiatives to globalize a micro services backend core infrastructure for OpenTable to be able to support seamless restaurant search and booking user experience across the globe. Additionally, I'm working on building a data pipeline for applying machine learning algorithms across a suite of services for optimized realtime search and availability results, and I'm constantly pushing the envelope in trying to determine best anomaly detection systems to decrease downtime of mission critical systems.

I have a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on cloud computing and Reactive software application design. I was developing my thesis on Reactive software before it was cool. Prior to my MS degree, I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and focused heavily on mathematics, NP completeness, automata, non-deterministic Turing machines etc...

I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting creative folk, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect